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Contact Management

Contact Management

Contact management is the process of recording contacts’ details and tracking their interactions with a business. Such systems have gradually evolved into an aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which allow businesses to improve sales and service levels leveraging a wider range of data. Without a contact management system in place, you could find yourself drowning in unorganized lead and customer information, one of your business’s most treasured assets.

Contact management is a subset of CRM. CRM systems attempt to track all customer interactions and then tie that data into the sales pipeline, digital marketing campaigns, and even your supply chain. Pure contact management systems are much more focused. These systems generally work to maintain rock-solid addressing data, along with a summary of sales and associated sales representative information (especially any open contracts).

So why not simply deploy a CRM if you want contact management features? Because no matter how beautifully it’s designed, a fully functioning CRM, even one built as a small business CRM, is more than just a software implementation. It’s also an overhaul of your sales and pipelining process and usually requires evaluations of how and why your company gathers data as well as your business intelligence strategy. For most tiny businesses and startups, that’s too much overhead. These organizations want a tool that will help them find customers and sell. 

And because these systems are essentially slick databases with purpose-built front-ends, you can also apply creative uses to them. Companies can use separate contact management systems to track employees, third-party vendors, and even regular customers. That’s information that can be shared with or brought in from other systems, like an employee monitoring solution or a shift scheduling platform.

What is the importance of contact management?

A CRM equipped with contact management features ensures all your customers’ data is stored and organized. This way, everyone involved in your company is informed of the latest information about a customer or lead. In fact, contact management is essential for several reasons, including the following.

    • Personalize the customer experience: Contact management systems let your sales team add notes about a prospect’s readiness to purchase. As a result, you can identify discussion points to tackle in your subsequent interactions. Your customer service team also benefits from contact management implementation. With access to updated customer profiles, your service team can better support customers with personalized solutions.

    • Keep your data updated, organized, and accessible: Contact management tools can collate customer information from different sources. Your team members can also update customer profiles with notes from their recent interactions, so your customer data is fresh and easy to access. Keeping customer data organized is even easier with the data segmentation features that come with contact management tools. Need to find the details about a particular service ticket to help a customer? Contact management tools let you search and pinpoint the information you need swiftly.

    • Save time and reduce errors: Contact management tools search for contact details and automate data entry so your team doesn’t have to input contact information manually. Nutshell’s contact management tool even lets you scan a business card and export the details, saving your team time and effort while on the road.


Bizzyeasy Useful Contact Management Key Features:

  • Data importing and exporting: Bizzyeasy can help you collate your customer and lead data from different sources like email and spreadsheets and save them to your database. It can also warn you about duplicate contact information and give you options on which ones to delete.
  • Customer interaction tracking: Centralize your source of customer data by using your CRM to track your interactions with customers and leads.
  • Note logging: Bizzyeasy CRM’s contact management feature lets team members add essential notes from their interactions with a lead or customer. Did a customer reach out to ask about a particular product add-on they’re interested in? Add a note about their inquiry so everyone on your team knows this information and can prepare for their next interaction.
  • Task automation: Automating essential tasks like advancing a lead through your pipeline, sending personalized emails to contacts, and guiding your team through the sales process helps you and your team get more done. With Bizzyeasy’s sales automation features, you can put these time-wasting tasks on autopilot. 
  • Software integration: Having your CRM communicate with other essential software in your tech stack is the ideal way to simplify contact management and bring it all into one platform. Make your sales, marketing, and customer success processes more efficient when you integrate Bizzyeasy with Zapier, Office 365, Quickbooks, and so much more.
  • Data analysis: With all your contact information in one place, it’s easier to pool and analyze your data for better segmentation and targeting. That’s why you should use a CRM with comprehensive data analytics features to maximize your contact management efforts. Bizzyeasy’s  robust reporting and analytics feature lets you track and evaluate everything contact, including seeing how each customer moved through your sales funnel.
  • Lead management: Having the data available to share is great, and how you add and manage new data is crucial. Top-tier contact management software makes capturing and scoring new leads easier, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. With Bizzyeasy, you can easily create new leads based on your web form submissions, scheduled appointments, and integrations with other tools, then mark leads as Hot if you want to keep them front and center.
  • Contact Dashboard: Bizzyeasy offers a comprehensive and customizable dashboard that presents all the information you need in one place. It should also enable you to add custom fields to the contact records, so you can store the most relevant information.
  • Easy Import & Export: Easy import and export of data is a crucial aspect of any contact management system. Bizzyeasy enables you to add data to the system effortlessly and export it in various formats.
  • Filters & Segmentation: Bizzyeasy facilitates effective segmentation. It offers powerful search and filtering capabilities, allowing you to keep your data well-organized and also enables you to create segmented contact lists to drive more targeted communications.
  • Integration: Bizzyeasy comes with a range of native and third-party integration options. By connecting your contact management system with your email solution, helpdesk tool, business intelligence software, and other relevant tools, you will be able to achieve better organizational efficiency.
  • Search and Filter Capabilities : Advanced search capabilities I.e., the ability to search by various criteria (e.g., name, company, tags) are essential. Customer segmentation allows you to categorize contacts based on location, industry, or any custom tags to create and send personalized campaigns.  
  • Task and Reminder Management : Creating tasks for follow-ups or to send messages at a certain time helps sales reps stay accountable. With notifications and reminders, they can stay on top of all their tasks, save time, and improve operational efficiency. 
  • User Permissions : Customize access based on roles and permissions within the system. It helps as only the relevant features and dashboards are visible to salespeople whereas managers can take an administrative role on the tool.  
  • Support : While comprehensive documentation like user guides, tutorials, FAQs, etc, help you out most of the time. Round-the-clock customer support like access to help desk, live chatbot, or dedicated support personnel, are fundamental for smooth operations. 
  •   Mobile access: Any contact management platform nowadays includes a mobile app for Android/iOS. Wherever you are, you can gain immediate access to contact lists and key information via a mobile device and then act on it for sales, support, customer service, and marketing tasks.

Elevate your business’s contact management with Bizzyeasy:

Contact management is a crucial aspect of any business that seeks to maintain and nurture customer relationships. It involves the organization, storage, and retrieval of important contact information about customers, prospects, and business partners. This information can improve the quality of interactions you have, resulting in improved sales and customer service.