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Leads Generation and Tracking

Leads represent any individual / business entity that expresses some form of interest in what you are selling. Maintaining a steady influx of quality leads is a top priority for businesses across the board. Even with the presence of such leads in their sales funnel, some companies see their sales stagnating.

Getting leads into your funnel is indeed a significant challenge, but effectively managing and tracking those leads is equally crucial. Lead tracking allows your educational organization to monitor and analyze the progress of leads as they move through your sales funnel. Without proper lead tracking, you risk losing valuable opportunities and may struggle to understand the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts.

Therefore, tracking and organizing leads can help your sales and marketing team considerably. It can provide you with more visibility into your sales pipeline. You can view how you acquire every lead and how it moves through your sales cycle. 

A CRM system typically includes the following steps for lead tracking:

  1. Lead Capture: Leads are captured through various sources such as website forms, social media, or trade shows. This information is then entered into the CRM system.
  2. Lead Scoring: The CRM system assigns a score to each lead based on factors such as their interest level, demographics, and behavior. This helps sales reps and counselors prioritize which leads to contact first.
  3. Lead Nurturing: The CRM system allows you to automate emails, SMS, or other communications to leads based on their score and behavior. This helps keep leads engaged and interested in the product or service. 
  4. Lead Conversion: When a lead is ready to mature, a CRM system can help counselors and sales rep convert it into a paying learner or student. One can also use the CRM to track the lead’s behavior and interactions with the educational organization, which can be used to inform future enrolment strategies.
  5. Reports and Analytics: A CRM system also provides valuable insights into the performance of different marketing and sales tactics, which can be used to optimize lead generation and conversion

Why Bizzyeasy for Leads generation and tracking?

  • Get full context on every lead: Without a personalized follow-up and handoff experience, even the most qualified leads can lose interest. But customizing outreach is time-consuming. Our platform integrates all your lead touchpoints across marketing, sales, operations, and service to help you make informed follow-ups.
  • Automatically score and prioritize leads: Identify the most qualified leads by automatically assigning lead scores with custom lead scoring criteria, or let Bizzyeasy create a scoring system for you using historical data. Use lead scores to assign prospects to your sales team, or set up workflows to notify reps when their prospects are primed for conversion.
  • Segment and nurture leads with data: Take the guesswork out of lead management with data-backed features. Use contacts’ histories to create segments based on website visits, email interactions, and more. Then target segments with personalized web content and email campaigns, and nurture leads across the funnel.
  • Streamline your lead management process: With Bizzyeasy, you can view information about your leads and follow up with them in the same place. Make calls and send emails, track every activity for you, and get valuable time back in your day.
  • Keep Tabs on Every Sales Opportunity With Lead Tracking: Every business can benefit from effective lead management and tracking, regardless of the industry it belongs to. With a powerful lead-tracking solution, you can guide more prospects toward conversion and promote your business’s growth. This can contribute to an improved ROI and better customer retention levels. 
  • Analytics: Built-in analytics and predictive tools are the most important features of a lead tracking system.
  • Reporting: You should be able to generate custom reports with a lead tracking software. Bizzyeasy offers standardized reporting templates as well as the option to generate your own custom reports.
  • Advanced Search: Custom filters and advanced search capabilities can help you sort through leads with ease.
  • Customization: Lead tracking solutions have to be customizable. This can help you adapt them according to your specific business needs.
  • Real-time Alerts: Real-time alerts and notifications can help everyone in the team stay updated and on the same page.

However, to get the most out of your lead tracking efforts, you need sales lead tracking software that empowers your sales team to handle and utilize lead data. An effective lead tracking CRM such as Bizzyeasy can make this easier with advanced features such as automation, custom sales pipeline, and analytics. Automatic data capturing can remove the manual effort of data entry and help you track all your leads efficiently. With the right lead tracking strategy, your marketing team can gather qualified leads, and your sales team can be better equipped to drive these leads toward the purchase decision.

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