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Rostering and Recruitment

Hiring the best candidate begins with a seamless candidate process. This process is a reflection of your company culture and plays a vital role in getting a candidate’s stamp of approval. However, creating that process is anything but simple. Using multiple platforms to manage the simple task of scheduling a candidate interview is tedious, time consuming, and oftentimes, inaccurate.

We understand that companies often juggle multiple platforms to manage the simple task of scheduling a candidate interview. Applicant Tracking Systems, email systems, video conferencing systems, and calendars are disjointed and never ‘in one place’.

Bizzyeasy was created to provide a simpler, more comprehensive and more consistent way to schedule interviews between the hiring team, managers, and prospective talent thus saves time, promotes efficiency, and creates a fantastic candidate experience that leaves a great impression on the candidates you want to hire. For those looking for an end-to-end platform that allows you to roster your staff efficiently, Bizzyeasy is the answer.

Why You Need Bizzyeasy Rostering Software for Your Business?

Rostering requires real-time management on a cloud-based system, like Happy HR. Access the schedules of all your employees with the touch of a button thanks to our employee HR software. Here’s a few top reasons you should invest in Bizzyeasy:

  • Employee and Manager Self-Service: Employees can manage their time and attendance on their own devices providing real-time reporting for managers. Managers can effectively control costs, and enforce your pay and business rules through clever automation. Real-time Attendance Tracking and Cost-effective Workforce Automation. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use on a daily basis. The rostering is seamlessly integrated into the platform and provides easy access to all the administrators simultaneously.

  • Fill shifts in an instant: Last minute shift changes and emergency shift fills happen. Empower your team to choose the shifts that works best for them with shift bidding and shift acceptance capability. Shift bids for your entire team, Shift acceptance, SMS shift availability notifications
  • Recruitment & Candidate Management: Make the recruitment and onboarding process a breeze with new employees with one platform, with our employee onboarding software, you can view applications and organize documents in one place.
  • HR Compliance: Customize all your employee’s contracts thanks to our legally compliant templates for full-time, part-time, casual or contract employees. Choose from over 45+ policies to find one that suits your administration. And since our team consistently reviews these documents, you can be sure they are up to date.
  • Performance Management: Maximize performance with our performance management software and keep track of employee performance thanks to our Fair Work compliant systems. From conducting appraisals to working on development plans, get notifications every time you need to complete a performance review.
  • Full integrations with popular payroll & operations software: To provide our users with the best HR management experience, we have integrated with popular payroll and operations software. Our integrations with the following services make the platform effective with all HR tasks managed in one place.
  • Global recruiting: Rooster makes working with global teams and international candidates foolproof with international language support and automatic time zone detection and reconciliation. Bizzyeasy can help you translate email/SMS templates into 109 languages. The user’s browser also defaults to the language based on their location/settings and automatically detects the time zone in which the interviewer and candidate are in, converting the invitation to their local time. Schedulers, on the other hand, can see both the candidate and interviewers’ availability in a live calendar-view in their own time zone. They also have the option of changing the time zone to match either the interviewer or candidate.
    • Customizable templates: Personalized email templates allows schedulers to showcase the organization’s unique work culture and improve the candidate’s experience with standardized messaging thus enabling sending of personalized emails to both the interviewers and candidates, create and save email templates by location, position, or team, Personalized templates allow schedulers to incorporate the organization’s branding with HTML support and they can add as few or as many attachments as required.


    • Easy rescheduling: Bizzyeasy’s real time enables schedulers to have quick links back to the job requisition and candidate profile in Workday, Seamless flow of information such as: the job description, candidate attachments (including resume and cover letter), interviewers, interview types, locations, competencies, and feedback questionnaires.

  • Analytics and insights: Actionable insights help identify bottlenecks to assist the talent team in making the hiring process more efficient. An easy-to-read visual dashboard gives instant visibility on schedulers, as well as the entire interview team. At a glance, Bizzyeasy’s analytics dashboard showcases the talent acquisition team’s top schedulers, as well as the interviewers’ with the best.
  • Reminders (Email, SMS, etc.): Schedulers can set as many reminders as they wish at whatever time intervals required to receive a response to their interview invitations, and to remind all stakeholders involved of an upcoming appointment. A post-interview reminder can also be sent to candidates to complete a survey about their interview experience, or to interviewers to prompt them to complete a feedback questionnaire.
  • Control costs and protect margins: Contain labour costs, control budgets and keep profit margins monitored with visual tools to inform better decision making and considered profits, Track with visual real-time data, Account for additional loading and holiday pay, Adjust for complex conditions

Faced with Human Resource Management Challenges

Human Resource departments face complex challenges, that’s to say from HR transformation and integrating new people-centric technologies to changing workforce.

Difficulties in Financial Management and decisions

Financial management is a complex and critical function for companies of all sizes and industries.

Data privacy and Security issues

The growing dependency on digital technologies is becoming a way of life, and at the same time, the collection of data using them for surveillance operations has raised concerns as some industries require a high level of data security to comply with data protection regulations.

Lack Of Collaboration Gaps

Disconnected teams and poor communication are major hurdles for businesses. They lead to missed deadlines, frustrated customers, and lost opportunities.

Lack of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations.

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have become indispensable tools for businesses looking to enhance customer interactions and streamline processes.

Lost Opportunities & Poor Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are your most valuable asset. customer relationships are your most valuable asset. Missed opportunities, slow responses, and impersonal interactions can lead to lost clients and stunted growth.